3RD Year Game Project : Planetary Post control

The game that my team of 14 (including me) are making is a top down co-op based isometric shooter set on an alien planet that is infested with loads of bugs!

The name of the game is to explore the planet through various levels and discover what the heck is happening here, utilising a crafty monkey mechanic and his trusty robot friend to team up and take on waves of bugs! Just above is a few gifs and screenshots of the early stages of the development cycle for the game on my end! I primarily focused on experimental proxy rigs, visual development animations that showcase what the game could look and feel like with the characters and the different enemy's within!.

January to February development

During January and the start of February I started to rig and animate the new Enemy model that will be in the final build of the game in may. Now, I've never rigged a bug before but i'll tell ya, it was a fun experience! my favourite part about rigging this guy was to allow me and my other animator on the team to squash and stretch the bug at whim with out messing with the joints and only using controllers.

I did experiment with using lattice deformers on this rig to see what effect i could get with it, but game engines don't like deformers such as this so i went back to the old fashioned joint based deformations that game engines like! in the examples above i put scales constraints on all the controls so that all the limbs could be squashed and transformed in a cartoony manner, which turned out brilliantly.

March to May development

monkey DED