Concept art by Nate Bedford -

My 3rd year student game!


Planetary Pest Control throws you and a friend into the depths of the planet Armillaria as Wrench and E.V, a mechanic and their killer mech. Your objective? Complete the contract you signed with mysterious a corporation and get to the extraction zone alive. 
Resources are plentiful with E.V’s matter manipulator, but collecting them is not a simple feat as Wrench will have to leap and dodge to collect the bug parts to turn into ammo and health. 

During this Project i was the Lead Rigging Artist / Animator.


Feel free to check out the progress and play the game!

Voted best student game for the falmouth games academy 2nd year showcase!


Chicago, 1925. Prohibition is in full effect, yet the country is drinking more than ever.

In Speak Easy, you play as Ruth, the owner of an illicit speakeasy called The Straight and Narrow. Using a physics-based bar tending system, pour, measure, shake, and serve drinks true to the time, as you converse with customers and get a glimpse into their lives.

During the development of Speak Easy i was the animator and rigging artist. Some of my work is showcased within the trailer but you'll be able to see more if you are willing to try out our game!

My previous game work from my 2 year FDA degree course revolving around game and interactive design!

Feel free to check out my past work!